Innate Solutions was founded by Otilia Fuentes Poltarack, A.P., C.B.P., who has been a holistic healthcare practitioner since 1982. Her training and experience include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, NSEV Healing & Acupuncture, BodyTalk, Homeopathy, Chinese Herbs, Nutrition, Flower Essences, Distance Healing, and Energy Clearing techniques. She enjoys having a family practice where she interacts with patients of all ages and treats a variety of acute and chronic conditions. With patience and a focus on detail she also assists them in addressing emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. Her love and desire to heal and be of service for the highest good of each person is the driving force behind her work. She works internationally by phone and Skype as well as in Miami-Dade. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Contact Otilia at 786 291-3263.