Lymphatic detoxification with Acupuncture Physician Jeffrey Prol

Lymphatic detoxification enhances the body’s healing process by re-establishing lymphatic circulation throughout the body.  As we surround ourselves with toxic elements in our air, food, and water, proteins clump together and bond electrically with water; thus our lymphatic system becomes unbalanced and overburdened.

This results in pain and inflammation that contribute to various chronic degenerative diseases.

The ST-8 with ELF Labs Technology assists the lymphatic system in functioning properly, creating a less toxic milieu and helping to resolve many issues associated with the lack of long-term health and beauty. The ST8 uses extremely low current and negatively charged light photons to provide compatible frequencies to blocked areas resulting in cells correcting their out-of-balance condition and disassociating themselves from the binding agents responsible for swelling and blockage. Rapid movement of waste material within the cell can then occur, greatly increasing the delivery of waste material to the organs responsible for body waste disposal. The ST8’s unique ability to vitalize the lymphatic system creates a powerful, effective method for revitalizing the body’s natural healing capacities while releasing toxins.

ST 8 

ST 8 

Unique to our clinic is the combination treatment of NSEV acupuncture and lymphatic drainage  developed by  acupuncture physician Jeffrey Prol. Jeff paired the  ST8 Lymphatic protocol with the NSEV treatment model combining  ancient Chinese wisdom and modern technology to move and harmonize the Qi, blood, and moisture thus assisting healing in many stubborn & chronic conditions.   

At NSEV Healing we most often use combination NSEV healing/light beam therapy to work with  patients experiencing chronic immune illness, chronic pain, weight loss, obvious edema,  in need of  general detoxification and  for pre and post surgical recovery support.