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NSEV Healing & Acupuncture is a philosophy of health, and a method of treating and preventing disease, that integrates the mind, body and spirit.  It is a holistic, modern adaptation of an ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture healing system that addresses a person’s symptoms AND their essential life affirming functioning.  NSEV practitioners work with a broad spectrum of illness (physical and emotional) and alleviate pain and imbalance by harmonizing the extraordinary vessels. To do so they use a variety of techniques including acupuncture (with and without needles), moxibustion, cupping, gua sha,  sound healing, herbal elixirs and a variety of breath and movement exercises . The extraordinary vessels are  the  primordial fields and pathways that allow optimum wellness and promote healthy relationships with ourselves and with the world. 

NSEV Healing 2016 Clinical Gathering

NSEV Healing 2016 Clinical Gathering

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Clinical home to NSEV Founder, Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel and a team of dedicated and experienced  medical and wellness professionals.  


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