Dr. Frank Maye attended the four year Community School for Chinese Medicine in 1995. He is board certified in Acupuncture. Frank completed an advanced degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the American Naturopathic Institute in 2006. Dr Maye had completed degrees which provided insight from both eastern and western traditions. A deep faith in the concept of mind body influence upon physiology directed Dr Maye to pursue a research Phd in integral philosophy and consciousness studies at the prestigious California Institute for Human Science in California in 2012. Currently Dr Maye is researching how NSEV fits into an integral philosophy of psychology and healthcare.

Frank recently addressed the Society for Integrative Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on psycho-oncology in October of 2014. He will be speaking at the Integral Institute Conference at Sonoma University in July of 2015 and the California Institute for Human Science in June of 2015. The subject for both conferences will be “An integral life practice in healthcare”. Dr Maye believes that NSEV plays a pivitol role in coordinating physiologic, emotional and spiritual health.

Dr Maye is a defeat autism now (DAN) trained physician and subscribes to Stephan Cowarts theories of “Fire Child/ Water Child” five element theory development. He specializes in teenagers and children with add/adhd.

Dr Maye has written extensively on body mind spirit medicine and its influence on immune function. He believes that the human experience whether emotional or physiologic performs best with a healthy immune system. His definition of body is physiology. Mind is emotion and spirit is life purpose. When all three are in harmony longevity manifests. Dr Maye considers the useage of NSEV as critical to achieving harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Self cultivation and exercise are important components for an integral life practice of health. Dr Maye has been involved in the martial arts for 40 years. He has been practicing Liuhebafa since 1989 and Kryia yoga since 1965. Self cultivation includes the evolution of thought regarding ones age, health and life purpose. Education is very important to Dr Maye.