Frank Iborra (Certified NSEV Acupuncturist)

Frank Iborra is a state licensed and nationally board certified diplomat (NCCAOM) in acupuncture.  He is also a certified non-somatic extraordinary vessels (NSEV) practitioner. Frank has studied  the Asian healing and movement arts for over 43 years.  His studies have included acupuncture, NSEV training, Chinese herbs, qigong, nei gung, tai chi, Tao yoga, longevity breathing and tui na.  Previously he served as an advisory board member for the educational holistic program at Everglades University and as an instructor for Chinese medical theory at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.  His is a member of the Florida State Oriental medical Association and the NQA (National Qigong Association).

In the late eighties before becoming an acupuncture student, Frank met and studied with Dan Nevel.  Dan taught Chinese dietary therapy and nutrition in a series of once a month weekend intensives.  Dan’s presentations and approach to the subject matter were inspirational in Frank becoming a practitioner.  He subsequently enrolled in acupuncture school and graduated from the Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare in 1992.  Presently, Frank’s private practice is at White Crane Healing Arts Center.  Frank and his wife are owners of White Crane, which is located in west Broward County.  The center has a Chinese herbal pharmacy, clinic and a large classroom.

Frank’s experience of the internal movement arts began in the early seventies and quickly developed into a lifelong passion.  Through good fortune, he met and studied with several high caliber practitioners that helped to advance his knowledge of the internal principles of energy work (qigong).  The last eight years he has studied intensively with Taoist lineage master, Bruce Frantzis.  The skills and knowledge developed over the years through intense practice have become an integral component to the healing process both personally and for patients.

Frank’s approach to Chinese Medicine is to inform and educate patients about their own body’s healing ability.  He does this through private instruction, weekly classes, treatment sessions, workshops and lectures.  Frank’s years of experience as a student and teacher, along with his unique perspective and sensitivity as a healer, assists and guides patients and students towards the path of self discovery and healing.

Frank can be reached at 954-721-7252 or email: