Batya S. Gretah (Certified NSEV Practicioner)


Batya S. Gretah is an intuitive empath with a natural gift for healing. She is the founder of E.S.I. Healing- Emotional & Spiritual Integration, a product of Healing Lev.

Through Batya’s motivation and deep interest in her personal growth and self development, she found herself seeking the deeper side of life and eventually engaged in Kabbalistic/Chassidic thought. In 1994 she began traveling the world, living in many different countries and cultures and mentoring in holistic therapies from brilliant minds.

After her travels she became a Graduate Gemologist and in 2004 began her formal alternative and holistic training. Later turning her lifestyle and passion for alternative healing, many certifications later, into a full time career.

Batya incorporates intuitive and empathic information, energy and spiritual healing, transformational coaching, NSEV healing, Acutonics (tuning forks), inner child work, past life release, flower essences, and active imagination in her work.

She is a highly skilled, deeply caring and gifted healing facilitator. Batya looks forward in working with you to create the shift you need and desire.

For adults, couples and children. In person or distant sessions available. For more information please call 786.529.1318 or email