Arianne Lyon (Certified NSEV Acupuncturist)

Arianne Lyon, Ed.S., L.Ac., graduated from the University of Denver in 2003 with an Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) in School Psychology. She has worked as a School Psychologist for over a decade. During this time, she has worked with numerous children who were anxious, had difficulty focusing their attention, or were considered to be hyperactive. She observed that an increasing amount of young children were medicated for these problems as a first response. She felt that many of these issues might first be addressed through behavioral methods, exercise, and lifestyle changes. This led her to pursue studies in Oriental Medicine.

Arianne received her training at the Atlantic School of Oriental Medicine (ATOM) in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has also received specialty training in Meizen facial rejuvenation treatment and acupuncture detoxification methods (NADA protocol). While a student at ATOM, Arianne completed an internship at the Kowloon Hospital in Suzhou, China. She completed an additional six-month internship featuring herbal treatments for a variety of common health conditions. Arianne is a Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician and a certified Non-Somatic Extraordinary Vessels (NSEV) practitioner.

She is the owner of Smiling Dragon Acupuncture in Ft. Lauderdale and also practices at Shanti Om Spa in Delray Beach.

To contact Arianne, please call 954-604-8335.