About Acupuncture

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State of Florida Department of Health Definition

"Acupuncture" ... a form of primary health care, based on traditional Chinese medical concepts and modern oriental medical techniques, that employs acupuncture diagnosis and treatment, as well as adjunctive therapies and diagnostic techniques...for the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and the prevention of disease...Acupuncture includes..Qi Gong, oriental massage, herbal therapy, dietary guidelines, and other adjunctive therapies.


How does acupuncture work ?

Acupuncture organizes information differently than Western medicine. All symptoms are placed in the context of the whole to be understood. (In Western medicine we reduce symptoms to their parts to diagnosis). Patients are understood in terms of their relationship to them-self and to others & the “patterns” they manifest. Western medicine’s reductionism and acupuncture’s “holism” complement each other very well. 


What does acupuncture use to make a diagnosis? 

Acupuncture has four primary methods for making a diagnosis. Observation (looking at how the patient moves, facial hues, the tongue) Palpation (the radial pulse & areas of tension on the body) Inquiry ( very different questions than western medicine) Listening/Smelling ( distinct body odors & the quality and nature of expression) 

Do you have to use needles ? What other ways are used to stimulate the points ? 

Acupuncture uses very thin needles. The insertion is painless or nearly painless.  In liue of needlesthe points can be stimulatedusing magnets, sound vibration, microcurrent & moxibustion (heat) & massage.  

What other treatments might be used by acupuncturists? 

Acupuncturists may give dietary counseling, recommend herbs, and provide lifestyle counseling based on the traditional principles including the five phases & yin yang. This is a comprehensive system which tailors treatment to the unique needs, stress patterns and personalities of the patient. 

What do you use acupuncture to treat children for? 

Historically acupuncture has been used to treat children for all types of illness. Most often today we are treating ADHD & behavioral issues, chronic illness such as frequent colds & flus, allergies & digestive problems. Acupuncture is also good for acute & chronic pain in children . 

Is acupuncture safe? 

Acupuncturists are licensed & regulated by the State of Florida as primary healthcare providers. All needles are single use & disposable. It is one of the least invasive and safest forms of healthcare available today.