Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel, A.P.

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Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel has been an innovator in the fields of holistic health and acupuncture since 1982.  That year, he and his wife Jane Atchison-Nevel co-founded one of the country’s first comprehensive collaborative health centers, the South Florida Healing Arts Center in Miami Beach, Florida. The Center brought together more than two dozen healthcare providers including Medical Doctors, Chiropractic Physicians, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Nutritional Consultants, Physical Therapists, Energy Healers, Colonic Therapists. The Center also featured, in conjunction with radiologists from South Shore Hospital,  a comprehensive, holistic diagnostic center integrating both conventional and cutting edge diagnostic testing. Clinicians worked collaboratively to offer a wide variety of healthcare options and programs. The Center was a nexus for holistic education offering classes for the general public and continuing education classes for healthcare professionals. Daniel served as Executive Director of the center as well as providing Chinese medicine clinical services.

In 1987 Daniel & Jane organized what was to be called “one of the pioneering events in American acupuncture history”, the International Acupuncture Symposium held in San Francisco, California. The symposium brought together the leading scholars and practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from throughout the world including China, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States. More than 400 participants attended from throughout the country.

In June of 1988 Dan presented his first series of continuing education classes for healthcare professionals and the general public. The Healing Powers of Food, a course placing traditional Chinese dietetics in a modern context, was presented both independently and through local acupuncture colleges and at the local community college outreach program.

In 1989, Dan served as the founding academic dean for the Community School of Traditional Chinese Healthcare, an acupuncture college in North Miami, Florida. During this time Dan developed the school’s curriculum, created teaching protocols and gathered the first teaching staff for the school. Dan also taught several of the didactic and clinical classes.

For the last two decades Dan has specialized in the utilization of acupuncture’s extraordinary vessels, developing the NSEV Healing & Acupuncture model for diagnosis and care that emphasizes the whole person and their relationships to their internal and external worlds. In 1999/2000 Daniel and his NSEV colleagues conducted research  in conjunction with Florida International University on the effect of acupuncture’s extraordinary vessels on depression.  Daniel co-authored an innovative and comprehensiveClinical Reference Manual for use in the study.  The successful results of the pilot study,Using Acupuncture to Treat Major Depressive Disorder, were presented at several professional conferences and published in peer reviewed professional journals.  Daniel has since utilized the Clinical Reference Manual developed for the study to train acupuncture professionals in the NSEV approach to the treatment of depression and mood disorders.

For more than two decades, Dan and colleagues have explored the shared group acupuncture experience. Groups of individuals have enjoyed the same treatment, at the same time and in the same location. Using only four needles on the master and couple points of the extraordinary vessels these groups have explored both the individual and collective experience of an extraordinary vessel acupuncture session.

In 2009 Dan founded and co-chaired Acufest: A Festival of Healthy Living, an innovative, community wellness celebration held at the iconic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. The inaugural event was attended by more than a thousand people and brought together every Florida acupuncture college, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and local and national educators to present dozens of exhibits, interactive workshops, an organic food and wine tasting and the world’s largest shared acupuncture experience. In 2010 the festival grew into a three day community wellness celebration and in addition to Sunday’s Acufest included an landmark Women’s Health and the Environment Conference, workshops with renowned holistic health experts, an interactive luncheon, a major Yoga Jam featuring live music and a World Music Concert.

Dan has most recently presented NSEV Clinical Acupuncture  trainings as part of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine Doctoral Program (CLinical Elective Mentor), at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and at The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine as part of the Integrative Complementary Academic Medicine Program.

Daniel currently serves as Clinical Director of the NSEV Healing & Acupuncture Clinic in his hometown of Miami Beach, Florida. The very busy clinic sees  locals from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and visitors from throughout the world with a wide variety of conditions.


To contact Daniel, call 305-532-0777 or email dannevel@nsevhealing.com.