Alessandrina Lerner (Certified NSEV Practitioner)

I am a teacher, consultant, and leader of a team of brilliant professionals who create practical and advanced detox solutions. For the past 13 years, I have been been designing wellness programs for both professionals and individuals who seek to improve their health, fitness level and lifestyle. I started my career in holistic health with Swami Brahmavidyananda Saraswati, Director of the Institute for Holistic Yoga, from the lineage of the internationally renowned Indian guru, Swami Sivananda Saraswati who trained me in Hatha Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Vegetarian Nutrition. I am also a plant-based and superfoods nutrition counseling consultant, registered as an E-RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance, a Reiki Master and Reiki Tummo Level 1 & 2 Practitioner, and certified as a provider of TLP, a therapeutic sound/ music stimulation program aimed at restoring auditory functions, enhancing brain functioning, and improving mental and physical well-being. Prior to founding The Detox Co., I co-owned and single-handedly run The South Beach Detox for over 2 years.

I lived in a Buddhist temple where I learnt the science of the mind and meditation as a way to transcendence and self-empowerment. I was initiated into Light & Sound Meditation in the tradition of Guru Nanak in 2002 and received empowerment in Tibetan Buddhism (Medicine Buddha and White Tara) in 2012. My business background is in finance, having held high management positions at American Express, Citicorp/ Citibank and Visa International; with an MBA in International Finance & Strategic Marketing and a BS in Economic & Political Sciences from France leading university, Université Paris IX Dauphine. Experiencing other cultures inspires me, both in my personal and professional life. My visits to over 60 countries have broadened my perspective of the deeper meaning of existence and have given me the ability to relate to people in ways that I could have never imagined. I share as much of the knowledge I have gained as i can through my daily work and my writings. So far I have written 7 books, which include two manuals on detoxification, a book on yoga, a novel and three poetry books. I also blog and tweet regularly about healthy living, enlightenment, and personal empowerment.

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